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Our Hands are Stained with Blood

Our Hands are Stained with Blood

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Excellent book by Messianic Jewish author and scholar Dr. Michael Brown.  Details the history of "so-called" Christian anti-semitism.  We say "so-called" because there are always bad apples among the good ones. 

Here is what one reviewer had to say:

This excellent book, which desperately needed to be written, is devoted primarily to the tragic relationship between the Christian Church and the Jewish people.

The writer strives to impart to Christians the recognition of their legacy & heritage from the Jews that indeed existed in the early days of the Church whose members were nearly all Jews themselves.

The author also studies the 'Israel bashing' in today's press/media together with the anti-Israel bias of the UN in relation to the Middle East situation. This plus the 'Christian' persecution of the Jews through the ages and even anti-Semtism preached through some channels of the 'Church' today.

Included foremost is the flawed doctrine taught in some areas of 'replacement theology', which teaches that the 'Church' has 'replaced' Israel in all of God's promises. Despite these Divine promises being made directly to and in relation to the people and nation of Israel, and where those promises were unequivocally & unconditionally everlasting !

Further to this the author actually examines & emphasises many of these Divine promises to Israel & the Jewish people in Scripture, past, present and future (Old & New Testaments).

This superb book stresses in no uncertain terms that Christians need to understand the pain and suffering that countless 'pseudo-Christians' have brought upon the Jewish people over the years and the increasing necessity now for a healing and reconciliation of some magnitude.

The writer illustrates that without an understanding of Scripture, many readers will fail to understand or in any way comprehend, the hatred and vilification towards the Jews throughout history & even the present day. The author reveals the force/person behind the massacres, the holocausts, the attempted genocide of the Jews and the attempts to destroy the State of Israel.

That force being the Devil/Satan, whose passionate hatred and despising of the Jews is a reflection of his hatred of God outlined in the Bible. The same God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob and their descendants, the Jewish people. The people through whom God has chosen to reveal his plan of Salvation, His prophetic plan to return the Jewish people to their Land in the latter days and His prophetic plans for the nation surrounding where the Messiah will return.

By destroying the Jewish people & their state, it is highly likely that Satan will be trying to fulfill his own probable intent of destroying God's prophetic plans in relation to His People and Land, of proving God's promises to be false and subsequently to have thwarted God's plans. Plans revealed that have promised that the Jewish people and Israel will never cease to exist and that God's promises will indeed be fulfilled.
To those dubious amongst you I can only recommend that you get a copy of this book, read it for yourself and actually put everything to an intense personal scrutiny...irrespective of which faith, if any that you profess. This is a message and a book that should not, indeed cannot, be ignored.

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