About us... or "So what is a Messianic Jew anyway?"

Well, let's first start off by saying that we are called Rock of Israel Ministries. We are Jews who believe that Yeshua (Jesus' Hebrew name) was / is the Messiah of Israel. Now I know some people might be saying, "Hey, I thought Jews do not believe in Jesus." and for a majority of Jewish people - they would be right.  But guess what, we both know that the majority view does not always mean something is right or true.  A minority of us have searched the Hebrew scriptures and now believe that Jesus is indeed the Jewish Messiah.  We are also called "Messianic Jews."

I guess that is what it comes down to.  We are Jewish and believe (against the majority of Jewish opinion) that Jesus is the promised Messiah.  We believe that He came to Israel to fulfill the promises made in the Tanach (the Hebrew Bible).  And we also believe that He is coming back and will reign from Jerusalem over the entire world one day.  And guess what...  this life is when we get to decide whose side we want to be on.  His side - or the other teams.  (There is not a third choice.)

If you want some free information - just shoot us an email. (info@rockofisrael.org) We promise to never give your email away to anyone else.  We also promise that you might be surprised at what we have to say.

You can visit our main page at http://www.rockofisrael.org to find out more about us.