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Lokael: The Donkey Who Carried Jesus (Paperback)

Lokael: The Donkey Who Carried Jesus (Paperback)

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Palm Sunday Story for Preschoolers

Katen the donkey and his mother, Loshem, traveled to Jerusalem, providing transportation for their caretakers.

Never did they expect to be on a journey of a lifetime. Would Katen, the donkey, would carry Jesus to Jerusalem, or would another be chosen?

33 Pages

Excerpt from the book:

On the way to Jerusalem, Katen asked his mother, “What kind of animal do you think Jesus will ride into Jerusalem?”
“Oh, probably a big white horse, or maybe even a lion. After all, He is the King of Israel,” answered Loshem.
“Do you think He will ride a donkey?” the colt
asked his mother.

You never know when you may be chosen to do the deeds of Jesus.

Was Katen ready to be chosen?

Was Katen up for the challenge?

Illustrated by Leigh Ann Cledgett

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Amazon reviewer:

I'm an adult - and this book almost made me cry! It is so beautiful, and original, and cretive, and moving. It begins with Katen, a donkey colt, going with his mother to Bethany, just outside of Jerusalem, as she carries their owners to see Jesus, who is coming to Passover. The conversations between Katen and his mother are lively and wonderful, as Katen states he would love to carry Jesus, yet his mother states that since Jesus is the Son of God, he would undoubtedly be carried by a large white horse or an elephant, not a humble donkey. But when they arrive, Jesus, who can speak donkey language (he states he can speak the language of all God's creatures, since he is the son of God who created them all), asks Katen's mother for permission for Katen to carry him, and assures the anxious mother donkey that he would not ask if he did not know that Katen was strong enough. This part, where Jesus approaches the animals in such a humble, loving way, is beautiful. And so Katen begins his journey of carrying Jesus and Jesus names him Lokael, meaning one who carries the Lord. The book continues as Lokael carries Jesus up to the Mount of Olives, through the triumphant walk in Israel, and is there watching while Jesus is beaten and made to walk to the cross. And after he is risen Jesus appears to Lokael and speaks to him. This rendition of the Jesus' being crucified and rising again is beautiful, original, creative, and yet so accurate, and incredibly moving. The book ends later, on a beautiful note that captures everything Lokael has learned. The illustrations are beautiful, and appear to capture the mood and flavor of Israel in the time of Christ This book is strongly recommended - I would say it is written for second grade, through upper elementary, through middle school readers - but adults will enjoy it too!

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