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Rock of Israel Ministries

Jerusalem Arise

Jerusalem Arise

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A follow up to "Shalom Jerusalem" Live Worship experience in Jerusalem by Messianic Jewish singer Paul Wilber.

One reviewer says:

There are not enough words in my vocabulary to express what a truly blessed and wonderful work this is. This is by far the most anointed music I have heard in a long time. After listening to this I have a deeper appreciation of the scripture that talks about how the L-RD inhabits the praises of Israel.

During the song Kadosh (Holy), close your eyes and tell me you can't invision the throne of G-d, the angels,elders and sainted ones round about. I felt as if I were literally in the Holy of Holies.
Simply and incredible CD.

Tracts include:

1. Jerusalem Arise Overture
2. O Jah
3. Let God Arise
4. It Is Good
5. Roni Roni Bat Zion
6. Praise Adonai
7. Crowned With Many Crowns
8. The Shout Of El Shaddai
9. We Have Overcome
10. Blessed Are You
11. Let The Weight Of Your Glory
12. For Your Name Is Holy
13. Kadosh
14. Days Of Elijah


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