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Copernicus and the Jews

Copernicus and the Jews

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Messianic Jewish author Dan Gruber does an excellent job of explaining how certain theological (yet unbiblical) presuppositions crept into the "church" over the centuries. 

In the time of Nicholas Copernicus, the heavens and all that was in them revolved around the earth. This was not a belief that needed to be argued, it was simply an observable fact. People could see it with their own eyes. Scientists, mathematicians, and philosophers affirmed it. Religious doctrine did too. There was, however, one small problem. The planets, though insignificant in size, moved in continual defiance of the enshrined system. By challenging the system and finding the true center, Copernicus began a revolution that transformed life on earth. This book is about a similar conceptual error in the religious and political systems enshrined today. It proposes a different center, challenging the prevailing systems, but accurately explaining and predicting the data.

Here's what one reviewer said:

For me, Dan Grubers book was almost akin to a magic key that unlocked a vast treasure waiting specifically for me (and you too)! I'd always known that this key existed but couldn't quite find it.

Some of his presuppositions may be debatable, and Mr. Gruber gives the reader the freedom to disagree, but the evidence that he presents in favor of them is, at the very least, compelling, persuasive, and simply makes common sense.

One of the quotes at the back of his book reads "If this is true, it changes everything". I could not agree more!

One of the main points of Mr. Grubers message is that, since the the "New Testament" writings were written by Jews, when they were written down, Greek was used in order to attempt to convey Hebraic ideas which were utterly foreign to the Gentile-Greek mind. Later, Gentile translators of the Greek texts, who could have looked, at least, to the Septuagint (Rabbinic Greek translation of the Tanackh - "Old Testament") for clues to meaning, instead, resorted primarily to classic Greek for interpretation.

The result of this misinterpretation were mistranslations that opened a veritable pandoras box of error. As a result Mr. Gruber would argue that terms like "Old Testament", "New Testament", "Christian", and "Church" are not only unbiblical and not only ought not to even exist but are fundamentally destructive! They have served to contribute to the alienation of Jews from their own Messiah and they have miscommunicated to the Gentile world, as well, what it means to be a member of the commonwealth of the people of God.

As I said earlier, Mr. Grubers arguments are extremely well researched and compelling. His assertions are bold and beyond revolutionary. I highly recommend it.

The only drawback that I see with this book is that I don't anticipate anyone making it into a movie any time soon :-).

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