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The Church and the Jews, By Daniel Gruber

The Church and the Jews, By Daniel Gruber

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The Church and the Jews, By Daniel Gruber

Daniel Gruber is probably one of the best Messianic Jewish authors out there.

Three life-changing parts:

1) The Biblical story of Israel's ongoing calling and centrality in the plan of God;

2) The history of the Church's rejection of the Biblical story;

3) A Biblical critique of past and present theologies.

“Thoroughly biblical. I have never seen things stated so courageously and forthrightly ...I think you have a breakthrough ... This is a very, very important book.” Walter C. Kaiser, Jr.

“It contains material rarely dealt with in any depth in theological literature ... seeks to grapple with the biblical evidence rather than seeking to defend the readily accepted conclusions ... fine research ... It deserves a large reading.” Marvin R. Wilson

“I believe what you have presented is a key to understanding the Scriptures and God’s purposes in creation and redemption of fallen and disaffected humanity.” Joseph R. Flower Elijah Publishing

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