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60 Questions Christians Ask About Jewish Beliefs and Practices

60 Questions Christians Ask About Jewish Beliefs and Practices

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This is another great book by Michael Brown. Scholastic, thorough, and yet easy to read.

It addresses the questions you always wanted to know, but we're afraid to ask.

From the Back Cover

Should Christians observe the Sabbath on Saturday?
Are Gentile Christians spiritual Jews?
Was the New Testament written in Hebrew?
Are there Jewish denominations?
Do the Jewish people expect a literal Messiah?

Written in a compelling, accessible style, this comprehensive guide answers the 60 questions Christians ask most frequently about Jewish people and culture, drawn from the steady stream of queries Dr. Brown receives every month. As a Messianic believer, he provides articulate answers to questions about modern and historical Jewish practices and beliefs. He also addresses believers' inquiries about their own relationship to the Old Testament Law, such as "Should Christians adhere to the dietary laws?"

"Michael Brown is the best scholar among Messianic Jews today. He has written a much-needed book to help his fellow Christians understand the Jews. He has a balanced view as to what Jews, Jewishness and Jewish customs mean that will help Christians appreciate the earthly family of Jesus."--Moishe Rosen, founder, Jews for Jesus

"This is an amazing book, even for people like me who have walked with our Jewish brothers of faith for many years. Michael Brown's own Jewish background, coupled with his years of fruitful ministry in the Church, make him singularly capable for the task."--Don Finto, director, The Caleb Company; pastor emeritus, Belmont Church, Nashville; author, Your People Shall Be My People

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