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Hebrew Art Coffee Table Book - The Gospel of Matthew - CLOSEOUT

Hebrew Art Coffee Table Book - The Gospel of Matthew - CLOSEOUT

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Multitudes Fine Art Coffee Table Book

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MULTITUDES -- The Book of Matthew Illustrated -Hardcover

The Full Gospel of Matthew in the Tree of Life (TLV) translation.

The Multitudes Fine Art Book, is a collection of Jews for Jesus commissioned art by the artist Steffi Rubin. Each chapter of Matthew is associated with an original painting (20) or vignette (8). The text within this art book, includes the entire Gospel of Matthew in the Tree of Life (TLV) version of the Bible.

- Hardcover with gold embossing
- Full color and full bleed
- About the artist
- Introduction by David Brickner
- Full Gospel of Matthew text in Tree of Life (TLV) translation
- Artist's notes for each painting
- English translation of Hebrew included
- Pages: 72
- 20 full page illustrations

Inspiration for the Multitudes Project

The Gospel according to Matthew is regarded as the most Jewish presentation of Yeshua the Messiah. The style of narrative emphasizes this, along with the striking number of references to passages from the Tanakh (Old Testament). Through the powerful text and its illustrative artwork, Multitudes emphasizes the Jewish continuity and historical awareness present in this Gospel.

From the lineage of Messiah to the exultation of the empty tomb, this account of the life of Yeshua is filled with ancient references that lead us on the journey from history past to jubilant future. Multitudes portrays the depth and yes, the shadows, that enable us to understand why the gospel story is good news. An ominous red sky, the dark cast to Yeshua s parabolic teaching style and Matthew s awe-filling pronouncement (Matthew 8:17) quoting from the Isaiah 53 prophecy of the Suffering Servant of the one who took our sicknesses and carried away our diseases all are part of Yeshua s story. Alongside the dark symbols, the text and paintings reflect the full majesty of the annunciation of the good news and the joyous expectancy over the triumphant future return of Messiah God s gift to the multitudes of every generation. -Steffi Geiser Rubin

About the Author

Steffi Geiser Rubin grew up with a strong Jewish background in the Bronx, New York. Her quest for meaning and truth brought her to the West Coast. In January 1971 she encountered Moishe Rosen (who later founded Jews for Jesus) at a Bible study on the University of California Berkeley campus. What do you think God wants from you? Moishe asked her. A few days later, after reading the four Gospels (the eyewitness accounts of Jesus life), Steffi put her faith in Yeshua (Jesus). She then completed her undergraduate education at Simpson Bible College in San Francisco and also became one of the founding members of Jews for Jesus. The early days of the ministry provided her with abundant opportunities to serve God using her gifts in art, writing, drama and music, including traveling with the Liberated Wailing Wall, their first traveling music team.

More recently, Steffi completed a Master s degree in Jewish Studies from Baltimore Hebrew Institute at Towson University. The opportunity to create art to illustrate the Gospel of Matthew in conjunction with Jews for Jesus so many years later feels, as Steffi commented, like a full-circle experience. Steffi enjoys life from her home in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.



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