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The Biblical Use of the Tallit - Rock of Israel

The Biblical Use of the Tallit

$ 15.00

A 45 Minute DVD featuring Dr. Rick Kurnow

You will learn

1. The symbolism on the Tallit

2. The meaning of the TziTzit

3. The purpose of the blue thread Techelet

4. Why the New Covennat Prayer Shawl

5. Pronunciation of the Hebrew Prayers

One reviewer wrote:

This video is very well done. Great teaching I plan to share this DVD in a Bible teaching class. I liked the teaching on each aspect of the prayer shawl. Now that I understand how awesome the Tallit is for prayer I plan to purchase some prayer shawls like the one designed by Dr. Kurnow. If you are serious about your prayer life you will want to see this video for yourself. Will also make a great gift for your Pastor along with the Tallit. I was wowed by how quickly it arrived.

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